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For the last ten years, MistServer has been the leading media server, with an open source core. MistServer allows you to take any media from any location using any method, and deliver it to anyone, anywhere, in any format. MistServer Pro takes the reliable and trusted core of MistServer, and builds professional features on top, ready for enterprise-level use. Say no to compromises, say no to limitations, and say yes to MistServer. What heights will you reach with it?

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Common deployments

Content distribution Your media optimized, scalable and flexible at the touch of a button

Having a robust network is key to your success in media. The major challenge is that most networks and load balancing solutions are made for short bursts of traffic. This works well for web servers and other static content, but not for media servers. While it would be functional, using a solution not tailored to media delivery will leave you with a suboptimal system.

MistServer creates an extremely efficient, flexible, media optimized CDN capable of exactly what you need.

Media delivery done right through combining multiple MistServer instances with our media specialised load balancer. It is capable of balancing all types of streaming formats between servers. Events or bursts on your network can be handled with ease as spinning up servers and adding them to the load balancer can be a matter of seconds. A transparent fixed-fee no matter how many servers are in use means you can worry about your content instead of your infrastructure.

  • Your CDN, your rules.
  • A load balancer specialised and optimised for media delivery.
  • No per-server costs.
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