3.2.2 bugfix release

Takes about 4 mins to read
Published at 26 Jul 2023

Bugfix release 3.2.2 is now available! We've made several minor improvements that we deemed important enough to release, but did not warrant a full stable release. Downloads can be found here and the full changelog can be found here.


  • Feature: Support for AV1 codec in MP4 input and output
  • Bugfix: RTMP push output sent initial data with wrong timestamps, fixed
  • Bugfix: The new UDP packet pacing code accidentally broke WebRTC ingest, fixed
  • Bugfix: A rolling restart will no longer shut down a large percentage of segmented-protocol (e.g. HLS) viewers
  • Bugfix: Fix local file path DTSH writing (no longer written to a folder called "file:")
  • Bugfix: HTTP parser no longer chokes on reading an empty response body in non-chunked transfer modes
  • Bugfix: Incoming TS-SRT pushes set their UTC offset correctly now
  • Bugfix: Fixed track masking feature in MistProcMKVExec
  • Bugfix: If an TS-SRT push comes in and does not immediately send media data, no longer fails to receive the push
  • Bugfix: Packet jitter calculator no longer shared between inputs of single-process inputs (e.g. TS-SRT, TS-RIST)
  • Bugfix: Fixed output session shutting down while waiting for a pushdelay setting to be applied
  • Bugfix: SRT and RIST listening sockets no longer kill all connections when there is a viewer for a mid-shutdown stream connected over these protocols
  • Bugfix: Removed dead code in Meta-Player RAW WebSocket wrapper